Fat Loss Injections

Lipolytic injections, also popularly known as fat dissolving injections, is a non-surgical injection therapy that reduces or eliminates unwanted local accumulations of fat. It is not a method of weight loss but rather a treatment for body sculpting or contouring. When joining the program you will receive a weight loss plan and guidance on how to lose the weight.

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About Fat Loss Injections

Is there any downtime after my treatment?

There is absolutely no downtime, normal daily routines can commence after treatment.

How soon after will I see results?

Results will be seen within a month. A meal plan will be given for better result.

How many sessions will I need?

A free 15min consultation will need to be done to estimate how many injections you will need, but we offer very convenient and budget-friendly packages based on your requirements.

What do the vials contain?

PPC is the abbreviation for phosphatidylcholine. This substance is contained in the injection and is an extract (lecithin) of soybeans.

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